While touring Patan in Nepal our tour guide Pradip brought the group to a near by temple structure. Standing outside of the temple was the statue seen below (white). He stopped and asked the group, “What animal is seen here?”.


Naturally, the figure did not look like any single animal. We could see it was a mixture but we could not be sure. Some said a Lion, some said a Dog, a Dragon, perhaps?


Pradip answered, “This animal is the best for guarding temples. It is a mixture of several and that is why it is the best. It is best for guarding against unwanted energy and spirits. One part Lion- for the Lion is the fiercest and one of the strongest animals. One part Elephant – for the sense of hearing for the Elephant is most supreme. And one part Dog -because the Dog is the most loyal to man and will remain no matter what. This is why this is the best guard for temples, a mixture of many qualities, manifest into one guardian”.


Pictures photographed by Christopher Greene